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  • Giri
Name Giri
Age 38
Gender Male
Marital Status Unmarried
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Religion Hindu
Caste Mudaliyar
Sub Caste
Height 6.2
Weight 70kg
Complexion very fair
Brothers Elder 0 Younger 0
Sisters Elder 0Younger 0
Family Details (Personal) only son in family
Country United States of America
Citizenship India
Employed in Private
About me My only son looks very fair, very tall,cute and very very handsome, very much young looking He was a director and software specialist of a leading New York based I.T company before presently he is working on out sourced projects awaiting to migrate to u.s for a better carrier opportunity.He is very open minded, true Hearted & honest, he is does not have any bad habits such as drinking(Alcohol) or smoking, he always thinks positively, always helps every one, without expecting any return, he is god fearing, obedient & respecting elders always he accepts sadness and happiness as the same because he believes its the the gods creation. always meditates, worships lord shiva follows his steps of being a human,he is very simple dont have big desires always respects the real human values than the money or wealthiness he takes sadness and happiness as the same because it is the gods creation, but how we accept and survive is our cleverness this life is a challenge sadness and happiness are the 2 obstacles in life. He always believe actual beauty is in a persons mind not outside , he always wanted a soul mate to share all his feelings in every aspect of the life,wanted to be with her supportive till the end of life,want to be as a true soul mate,friend,parent,lover & every thing , he always believes only true understanding and forgiveness are the goals of successful life. This is his character. He is also a very good singer he has a very nice voice similar to hariharan and SPB. he is multi talented he has talents in different fields like singing, marshal arts, basket ball, rugby, bike racing, gym etc..
Contact Number +94777281875

Age 25-37 Years
Marital Status Unmarried
Religion Hindu
Caste Mudaliyar
Education Bachelors - Engineering/ Computers
About My Partner she must be educated and good looking and god fearing girl